Ws-star configuration options

Hi all!

I’m trying to figure out what the new config should be for ws-star. Previously this used to work ( from )

const ipfs = new Ipfs({
    repo: '/orbitdb/examples/browser/new/ipfs/0.33.1',
    start: true,
    preload: { 
      enabled: false
      pubsub: true,
    config: {
      Addresses: {
        Swarm: [
          // Use IPFS dev signal server
          // '/dns4/',
          // Use local signal server
          // '/ip4/',

But now that results in a no valid addresses were provided for transports [WebSockets,WebRTCStar,Circuit]

What’s the right config?

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libp2p-websocket-star has not yet made the jump to async iterators so is not compatible with the latest libp2p -

I believe the intention is to replace it with libp2p-stardust instead -

In the meantime libp2p-webrtc-star has been converted so should be good to use -

The exchange-files-in-browser js-ipfs example shows how to use libp2p-webrtc-star: - see the readme for full details:

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Thank you for the thorough reply! I was getting a 502 from the webrtc rendevous the other day and I knw from before that the ws one worked which is why I was checking out.

I’ll go back to trying webrtc. Thank you for the links and info!

As a suggestion for the IPFS team… if you’re going to take something out that big players use (like orbitdb) then a little note would be nice in the docs. Also there’s a broken link here:


Hmm - The public randevous server here: has a MA of /dns4/ and there is also an example here: but my code says those are invalid MAs. I think that’s because they are missing the /tcp/443 ?