Pubsub support by an service provider

Hi guys! I am now looking for something like the pubsub api as a service. It should be accessable via web browser, and you should be able to publish IPFS CIDs or subscribe to specific rooms, so that you are notified about new CIDs (hashes) that arrive in the room. The IPFS api has an experimental pubsub implementation, but I do not want to run an own node. As far as I know infura does not support IPFS pubsub

My company’s product supports pubsub as well as a lot of other features.

That is good news! One question remains: I want to use pubsub for user registration. So there needs to be a registration room first, where anybody can post, even without temporal account. And for everybody posting in this room, I can then give credentials to these people that might also include temporal accounts. Would that be possible?

Yes that should be possible. However I’m not sure if that’s something you should do. Anyone in that room will be able to pick up on the credentials you’re giving to other participants, so you’re basically ensuring that credentials given to person A will also be received by person B because they’re in the same pubsub room.

A solved that problem by encryption! What remains to be done is to have that registration room. I, think we are already connected in linkedin. Would love to explain the rest to you there …