Ipfs gateway timeouts

Hello all!

I’m very newbie on IPFS subjetcts. I use it just for pinning my NFTs on Teia.art marketplace.

THE THING IS… a few weeks ago all the images from Teia.art appear broken to me and recently I’ve noticed that this may related to the IPFS adress. None of the links open in my browsers and even the IPFS.IO website does not work here.

I’ve aked on Teia Discord channel and someone told me that could be an ‘ipfs gateway timeout’ problem.

Any of you could help me to start seeing IPFS images again?

Thanks A LOT!!!

Hey there @Blue_Safari,

Sorry to hear you’re having trouble loading the images for your NFTs with IPFS.

This typically when the CIDs are not available/reachable on the IPFS network.

To resolve this, you can pin the images to an IPFS node that you run or use pinning service (like nft.storage, pinata, or infura )

Pinning services are basically IPFS nodes that ensure your CIDs are pinned and available to the IPFS network.

Assuming you have the original image files, you can upload them again and you should get the same CIDs in your NFTs.

I also recommend checking out this practical explainer for IPFS gateways to understand how IPFS gateways work.