A preliminary discussion of the “Workswap” protocol

Hi, IPFS community.

I would like to share and discuss the idea of the “Workswap” protocol: a possible way to run dynamic services on IPFS (i. e. a web-site with a server side code delivering unique content to each consumer).

The preliminary discussion paper is already on IPFS:


An important feature of the proposed system is that it tries to integrate with the IPFS traffic baseline – the “Bitswap” protocol, making it possible to trade dynamic content for static content (and vise versa). (And that’s why I’ve proposed WithScoreLedger option to go-ipfs about a year ago Added `WithScoreLedger` Bitswap option by wolneykien · Pull Request #430 · ipfs/go-bitswap · GitHub :wink: .)

Some known IPFS and general P2P problems that the proposed system is intended to solve:

  • dynamic web-sites on IPFS;
  • deferred delivery – preservation of undelivered messages while the
    recipient peer is offline;
  • public and personal data-pinning services.