Why is IPNS so slow

Re opening this thread:

It usually takes 2~ minutes for command ipfs name publish <hash-id> (running on my local). And also more 2 minutes for ipfs name resolve <peer-id> (running on my digitalocean vps).
Has this been resolved?

IPNS publish/resolve times using the DHT are unfortunately still slower than they could/should be since as of today (06/26/20) much of the network is still running pre 0.5 nodes that are behind NATs and are advertising themselves to the rest of the network. As more people upgrade to go-ipfs >=0.5 network performance should increase, however there’s also interest in figuring out a good way to upgrade the network for new nodes without waiting for users to upgrade their nodes.

However, if you use IPNS over PubSub (--enable-namesys-pubsub) and the publishers and subscribers are running go-ipfs >=0.5 then an IPNS resolve should be about as fast as an IPFS resolve.