What do you want to do with IPFS?

Hello, friends!

If you arrived at this forum topic after clicking the “Something else” option on the front page of ipfs.io … this place is for you! We’d like to introduce you to the IPFS forums: a helpful community of IPFS developers, users and enthusiasts. No matter what you’d like to learn about or do with IPFS, chances are good that someone in this community has had a similar idea or question, and can help!

Please introduce yourself and what you’d like to do using IPFS in the replies to this thread so we can get to know you a little better, and have a look through the Help, News, and Announcements topics for discussions to help you get on your way!

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I’m a studying trusted computing in an engineering school in Brittany, France. If other french/breton dweb enthusiasts are reading me, send me a PM! :smiley:

I entered the rabbit hole a few months ago when I had the idea to make a kind of CDN for fansubbed animes that would be used by multiple streaming websites. As the fansubbing community share their work via torrent, I thought about making an app similar to LittleWeeb but on the browser.

Oh cool we can use torrents on the browser using WebTorrent! Too bad major BitTorrent clients like µTorrent don’t support it. What’s this IPFS? It aims to decentralize the web, seems ambitious. I’ve been hearing about this blockchain thing for quite some time now, can somebody explain it to me? Can we also decentralize all the OSI layers?

It summarizes well my journey of discovery this past few months. To be fair I have never installed IPFS on my computer, the most I have done is install IPFS companion on Chrome, but as I read that running a js-ipfs node is quite CPU-hungry I have never used it. The reason I got really hooked on IPFS is because I find that solving challenges posed by the decentralization of the Internet is very funny, like a puzzle game: “How can we recreate heavy back-end apps like Google Maps or Google Search client-side?”, “How to do an efficient routing protocol in mesh networks?”, “Can we have a blockchain system that doesn’t waste energy and resources uselessly?”.

I plan to publish gists related to dWeb on my GitHub, especially an essay describing the current “state of the art” of decentralized naming systems (Zooko’s triangle, this kind of things).


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Hi @talb, and welcome! If you haven’t had the chance to play with ProtoSchool (http://www.proto.school) yet, it’s a great way to work through dweb topics within the framework of IPFS. We’re glad you’re here!

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