What are the metric monitoring tools used for ipfs-cluster?

I went through the ipfs-cluster code and issues, but I couldn’t find the exposed endpoints for gathering the metrics.
Seems like we are using Prometheus/Opencensus for monitoring (please do tell me if I am wrong), but I am not sure about it.


  • What monitoring tools are supported right now?
  • What are the exposed endpoints for the same?
  • Do we have Grafana board JSON for IPFS Cluster? I am actually planning to create advanced boards for managing the cluster. So, if someone is already working on it, I would be happy to join in :wink:

hey, there are some docs here: https://cluster.ipfs.io/documentation/configuration/#the-observations-section . We support prometheus for metrics and jaeger for tracing and the endpoints are configured there.

We don’t have a Grafana board, but I think it would be great to have one.

@lanzafame knows all the things about monitoring so he can help!


Sweet. I got the metrics!
@lanzafame As I am creating Grafana board for IPFS Cluster, do you have any inputs on what metrics should I include in it?

I’ve got a bunch of tools that i already use to monitor IPFS Cluster with grafan and zabbix, feel free to poke around:

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