Software Repository Mirrors may be a good start for IPFS

Hi, I think hosting public software repository mirrors such as pip-mirror or apt-mirror is a good start for IPFS.
How can we make this possiable?

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Check this discussion here!

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I am very interested in a RPM mirror, for distributions that use RPM repositories for software management. Please consider making both a rpm and deb repository for Linux users who want to maintain the up-to-date daemon system-wide.

Both pip, rpm and deb is bad for deduplication.
Git/pijul and IPFS should get objects inside compressed files and other binaries. Similar thing were proposed by @jbnet here: Ubuntu archive on top of IPFS

There is a project for implementing pip packages on IPFS: Dpip - Python Package Index ( on IPFS

There’s also NPM-on-IPFS and GX package manager. But package managers will not work feasibly without deduplication. That’s why I propose Common Bytes: (draft) Common Bytes - standard for data deduplication