Sites to help Pin files to IPFS?

Is there a good site which helps you pin files rather than just having them cached?
How long do files remain cached usually, if you go offline?

I don’t kow any services like this yet. I think that filecoin will give incentive to that point resolution.

To fulfill that need you’ll have to build an ipfs-cluster by yourself or manage pinning through nodes with pubsub process. The most advance I know is Textile, with cafe nodes and more advance features.

As I didn’t really test them already, I let others to give their thoughts about

My company runs a service called Temporal ( that lets you upload files to our IPFS Cluster that runs in our datacenter , across a total of three IPFS nodes. Free accounts can store up to 3GB of data for 1 month, while paid accounts can store terabytes, upon terabytes of data up to 2 years.

As for how long data gets cached for, this entirely depends on the nodes you’re viewing your data on. Typically I believe the default is to purge cache after 12 hours.

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Hey, postables, thanks! That is a good service. It is fast and the interface slick. I love the Lens IPFS search! First time using that, also fast. I joined :slight_smile:

Could you briefly summarize the purpose of RTradeCoin (RTC)?

On Temporal it’s just another method of paying for the service. Outside of Temporal it has a smart contract based staking system that generates RTC every block that passes on the ethereum mainnet. It’s in no way required to use the service however.