Send file hash directly to specific swarm peer

The title says it all, but I was wondering how I could send a hash of a file directly to another swarm peer using only ipfs. The use for this would be to send a file directly to another person that may be to large to transfer via other means. Or in my case, I want to share a hash of a file, where that file has a many hashes in it that “UserA” has uploaded. AND UserA wants to share all those files to someone, say “UserB” without having to send each file individually. I have a script already that given a list of hashes, it gets those files from ipfs. I have looked into those experimental features of IPFS P2P and P2P Http Proxy, but I don’t know how I would use them. I am pretty new to the networking terms and ideas, but I have one idea on how I could get this to work, I just would also like to hear people ideas to learn more and discuss how viable is my idea. I am using go-ipfs, running ubuntu, with a private ipfs network. Users I would share files directly to would be within the private network

If you want to inform userB about a hash, so that they can then retrieve it, you can have userB subscribe to a pubsub topic and then send the hash using that topic.

Otherwise, you can use IPFS cluster to subscribe and push content to multiple ipfs peers: