New Git IPFS Remote

I’m working on a git remote that makes the stored repository accessible.

This version does not attempt to store the raw git blocks. As well as avoiding the block sharding problem that causes, this makes the content accessible.

When the repo is created, the root of the filesystem contains the branch that was pushed. The git info is stored in .git/ (structure).

I just created a simple example repo. Since it contains an index.html, that is displayed. To view the commits, see .git/vfs/commits/.

With the remote installed, the root hash is an acceptable argument to git clone ipfs://*hash*.

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I worked with it a bit more and added IPNS support. The following now work:

  • ipfs key gen --type=rsa --size=2048 mysite
  • git remote add ipns ipns::key:mysite
  • git push ipns
  • git clone ipns://

@dysbulic I’ve run into some issues trying to use this. Would it be possible for you to enable issue tracking on the github project and I can create an issue there?

I’d very much like to contribute to this going forward.

@craigmayhew, issues are now enabled. I look forward to your feedback.