Missing: end user programs, instead - Galactic Empire from foundation

with all the tech and possibilities - there is still one true distributed end-user desktop program on the planet - torrent, that actual end users choose to install

IPFS set out to program user programs - datasets, wiki, git - yet, swarming with docs, not-in-any-end- user-program libraries, services and links to services - seriously?, mutual greetings, putting names everywhere like cesar from Asterix and Obelix Mission Cleopatra - “ave moi!”

it’s like if Jordan was drafted into NBA, but went into coaching instead - IPFS “schools” - would be no 6 rings for Bulls
or if Jesus instead of turning water into wine, wrote a doc about it with his name and a link to wine service you can buy from
or if Torvalds accepted Steve Jobs offer (still wish he named Linux Freax - less cesar presence on everything)

even dust of IPFS i shake off my Nike running shoes - i’m scared to become a theorititian as well and not go for end user programs - but for sure, they are coming - like world is going vegan, and we will have not just torrent clients, but other true distributed peer to peer desktop programs

IPFS, you have something i want - quest to deliver Grogu to Jedi: program peer-to-peer programs for users

you may think you have some idea of what you are in possession of but you do not - you took the pucks but abandoned them - peer-to-peer programs you started - made a docs-nest instead, with beards, schools and tutorials, carving your names everywhere with beards and mutual seniority praise madness - i like Phileas Fogg leave your Reform Club

soon he will be back with me - if Federer instead of playing settled comfy to commentate tennis, if Jesus instead of giving sight to blind started a research foundation to make a pill to “fight” blindness, even Empire would hunt them down as being too evil

he means more to me than you will ever know - even dust of IPFS’s starport i shake off of Razor Crest’s landing gear, but be sure - peer-to-peer living programs - not projects, not experiments - programs - are coming, like Pat Brown and Impossible Foods mission is on its way - no ads, no docs, no sponsors - programs for end-users without “niche” or "proof of concept excuses, like Linux (should be callsed Freax but inner Jabba the Hutt prevailed) runs everywhere including on Mars, and like torrent clients generate most traffic in the world - even better peer-to-peer programs are comming, better than big browser networks

Acaster: i once spent the night in a bush in Basingstoke