List of companies using IPFS

I was wondering if there is a list of companies using IPFS, especially any big companies, and couldn`t find any such list - let’s create one here :slight_smile:


One from the top of my head:
IPFS archiving and downloading is supported by all web sites on Neocities.
See related github ticket for more background on this use case.

Uport is using IPFS.

Why would you mention big companies? I come here to try and find out about IPFS and last time I saw someone trying to promote a Filecoin ICO (and he told me not to mention any other cryptocurrecnies), and now you are talking about big companies. What do big companies have to do with IPFS? That sounds like someone looking for a job. You said “especially any companies” and asked for a list.

not looking for a job. working with company which wants to use IPFS and wants to know who else is using it.