JS-IPFS limit bandwidth per peer


Hi so i’m currently playing around with js-ipfs in node trying to understand all the different parts.
What i would like to do is limit the bandwidth of data my node provides to each individual peer based on a list.
Is that currently doable or are there any examples i can check out?


Just letting you know the GO implementation has the same issue. For some reason the IPFS developers consider this either low priority or unsolvable. It’s a deal-breaker for me and I cannot use IPFS until this issue is fixed. I think a huge number of developers attempting to use IPFS are also driven away by this massive flaw.


Is there an issue tracking this? I couldn’t find any on github.com/ipfs/js-ipfs .


I did all my searching around go-ipfs, and here are some links:


but no I didn’t see any mention in the JS implementation. I had no luck getting ‘trickle’ to work, which I concluded must be because of the fact that trickle is documented as not working for executables that are stand-alone without the right type of dynamic linking.

I asked about it on freenode irc #ipfs channel also. This is a major problem that any sane person should consider the TOP priority bug, because it has the potential to drive away so many early adopters as to significantly hurt the entire success of IPFS itself.