Is TOR Traffic a concern

Hi all, my edge router has picked up some traffic to my IPFS node from a TOR source. This may be a non-issue but it was raised as a possible attack vector. What do people think? Should I block this IP? Is use of TOR on an IPFS node considered an ok practice?


If that “Traffic Detail” is accurate, it’s not coming from a TOR exit node (i.e., anonymized traffic). Rather, it’s coming from a machine that also happens to route traffic internal to the TOR network. So the source you see should be the actual source.

In any case, unless they are spamming your node or doing something else malicious, the fact that the IPFS node is a TOR relay (probably not even a TOR exit node) doesn’t necessarily make their IPFS peer any less ok than any other IPFS peer. (this is all my opinion, I’m not sure there are any guidelines)

Thanks @leerspace, I’m a rookie on all things TOR so I will go with your advice/opinion. I had “suspected” something like what you said but would never have been able to say it so well. :slight_smile: