IPNS resolving but not resolving

ipfs@ip-172-31-23-26:/home/ubuntu$ ipfs name resolve QmVe6PexAuq2gZuzq7mpaKQy2dxPsNPQhjuM7iH9dLwuR9

However when I try to load https://ipfs.io/ipns/QmVe6PexAuq2gZuzq7mpaKQy2dxPsNPQhjuM7iH9dLwuR9
I get:

ipfs resolve -r /ipns/QmVe6PexAuq2gZuzq7mpaKQy2dxPsNPQhjuM7iH9dLwuR9: Could not resolve name.

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Are you running a local daemon? This may be relevant:

When you call ipfs name resolve on the same machine on which you published the record, you’re probably just looking at a local copy of it.

@stebalien thanks I was able to publish it correctly now:


I still don’t understand what should I do for making IPNS hash resolving at remote gateway?