IPFS Radio Station

Has anybody tried to create an internet radio station using IPFS? For example, it would have hour long sessions, with a few music tracks played and in between some talk from the DJ. No need for video, though having some cover art during the songs might be sweet.

Perhaps there is some Free Software which would help you put the tracks together onto IPFS. Maybe it could help generate a play list, so you could see which songs were being played at any given time during the show. It would co-ordinate the different shows too, and show the schedule for the day/week…


I’m also interested and trying to do this although I have no idea yet on where to start.

There is some Free Software to help, but it hasn’t been written with IPFS in mind. It is called LibreTime:

Are you talking about a radio station with live broadcast or just a playlist channel aka jukebox like many of those “online radios”? Both can be archived with IPFS, just with wildly different architectures.

If you wanna use LibreTime, you may need a programme that acts as an intermediary to “translate” HTTP stream generated by the embedded Icecast into chunks that can be stored into IPFS and update an index file. I think the design of HTTP Live Streaming can be imitated for this purpose.

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hI qazwsxedcrfv000, I’m currently using icecast on a local server which also hosts the site containing the stream. The goal is to create a shared community radio, where streams and recorded episodes are distrubuted across nodes.

The reason I want to use IPFS is to overcome the problem of relying on a single server.

I’m very new to IPFS and I need to study more. Your idea seems interesting to me but I don’t even know where to start at the moment.

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This article serves as a good starting point: Streaming with IPFS. Static and Live Videos streaming with… | by Sagar Ganiga | REVOtic | Medium

Although the stream mentioned is a video one, the same downstream architecture for conversion into HLS and adding into IPFS should work with an audio stream.

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I’ve built tools to do live streaming on IPFS.

I’ve not tested audio only streams but it should work.

@SionoiS do you consider the use case of “streaming” (read: real-time encoded publication) as a separate technical usage or would it (in your opinion) be possible to make an incremental HLS / MPEG-DASH implementation where the end result (after streaming) is a persistently stored publication?

I’m not sure I understand your question.

Currently you can live stream and save the stream to view later.

edit: also it is not HLS or DASH I’m using IPLD for metadata

I just send you an email on your hotmail address. Would love to have a chat.