IPFS Private Network

In IPFS Private Network,

A and B are two nodes using different internet (JIO and Airtel)
They share the same swarm key as well as bootstrap node C
Bootstrap node C can show both the peer id’s of A and B. A and B can communicate to the Bootstrap node C.
Can A and B communicate with each other when they use different internet?
It works if both A and B are using the same internet.

They should be able to unless the ISP is blocking external traffic to Node A or Node B.

Given that both JIO and Airtel appear to be mobile internet providers, I wouldn’t be surprised if individual subscribers are firewalled from the internet.

I would suggest upgrading to v0.4.19 and enabling the experimental AutoRelay feature on your nodes and bootstrap node. In short,

  1. On Node A and Node B, ipfs config --json Swarm.EnableAutoRelay true
  2. On Node C, ipfs config --json Swarm.EnableAutoNATService true

If that doesn’t work, you can try connecting Node A and Node B manually through the relay (Node C) as described here.

You’ll also need to turn node C into a relay by running ipfs config --json Swarm.EnableRelayHop true.

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