IPFS-lite: embeddable, lightweight IPFS-network peer for IPLD applications

I figure this might be of interest for some people here.

IPFS-lite is a minimal IPFS peer implementation to just provide a DAGService (Get, Put blocks to the IPFS Network) and additionally Add/Get single files (as go-ipfs does). It allows to ipfs-ify any libp2p application but also to run lightweight embedded peers that can read and write files to ipfs but do not do all the other things (ipns, mfs, stream mounting, gateway etc etc.).

It may come very handy for mobile applications, for example. It also makes putting and getting IPLD blocks to the network a painless experience.


this is awesome :open_mouth: Definitely going to be using this in the future

I like this. It’s also a good way to study how IPFS works, what are the packages doing, etc…

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Hi. A IPFS’ lightweight version is much appreciated. Although it gives questions:

  • Is it also lightweight in RAM usage?
  • Does it provides a single executable like IPFS does?
  • It will be available in builds for the same platforms as IPFS haves?

Also, IPFS is creating Rust versions. Simple as ipfs-lite is, it can prove how IPFS would be fully on Rust, as I’ve suggested on GitHub: https://github.com/hsanjuan/ipfs-lite/issues/6