IPFS for Live Streaming?

Cloudflare (which ought to be avoided, since it is used to censor) has apparently halted livestreaming for their IPFS service.

You would think that IPFS would work well as a platform for livestreaming. Video could be chunked and stored on nodes around the world, and the more people viewing the stream, the smoother and faster the stream would be.

Has anybody tried live streaming video using IPFS that would like to discuss it?
What software do you suggest?
What needs more work?

Maybe you should have a look here as a starting point:


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But at the same time slightly worrying too.
As you can see when watching the video (https://ipfs.infura.io/ipfs/QmWsKvBvXUKaHcHzrUS91XV4k3YjQFdywQ7bY9BZVX4ghk/) the time between adding the new chunks and the player knowing about them is just too large. And PubSub was in their experiment apparently not stable enough to use. In other words, IPFS is so darn nearly there! Which is awesome on it’s own! No mistake there. Just actual live streaming still needs a tiny bit of old fashioned web to make it usable :slight_smile:

Also a note on live streaming. As is also clear in the video is that IPFS has no concept of “there is going to be a chunk of data there, it will come in a few seconds… just not yet”. That means that chunks can only be added when they are already existing thus giving quite a delay. Making “live streaming” be probably delayed for your chunk size time + ipfs add overhead time + looking up that new chunk on the client. Probably a delay of anywhere between 30 seconds till a minute i suppose.

Just stating it, i have no idea how to solve that :slight_smile: