I try to link a domain

I try to follow this document:

My domain in spare is from Godaddy.
First I removed my A record which pointed to an IP

I added a CNAME record:
Host: elmit-ai (because ’ @ ’ is not accepted)
Points to: gateway.ipfs.io. (including ’ . ’ although it disappears when I go there again)

I added a TXT record:
Host: _dnslink
TXT Value: dnslink=/ipfs/QmT1fzcAEhy8YUJWyohPA3miUo3v4mPjiPqh1q6Ri19rgX

I waited, … and tested:

  1. dig +noall +answer TXT _dnslink.elmit.info
    _dnslink.elmit.info. 2799 IN TXT “dnslink=/ipfs/QmT1fzcAEhy8YUJWyohPA3miUo3v4mPjiPqh1q6Ri19rgX”

looks good!

  1. go to a browser and tried:

404 is the result.

What am I missing?