I cannot browse my files from the IPFS app

I’ve tried restarting the node and app multiple times

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I just removed my ipfs folders in ~/ and it worked again (But with all my files gone)

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Bit unfortunate that you did not keep a copy of ~/.ipfs – there is a high chance we would be able to debug and recover your data.

Do you remember if you imported anything to your Files via Import → From IPFS
or did anything in command line that involved ipfs files cp ?

Recovering my data wasn’t an issue since I still had a local copy of everything I added, and no, I didn’t import anything that way (Unless using the companion browser extension counts).

Ack. If anyone is able to reproduce this, please fill issue in GitHub - ipfs/ipfs-webui: A frontend for an IPFS node. and either attach “problematic” repo to bug report, or share it with me privately.