How to update website files for IPFS on Linux

Hi, this is a very simple question but I’ve struggled to find a simple answer so far.

I have IPFS running on Linux (command line only), I added my website file index.html and pinned it according to many tutorials.

How do I go about updating the content of the website? It seems like just editing the file doesn’t reflect on what’s live. Tried re-pinning as well with no luck.

Any help is appreciated.


  1. Edit
  2. Re-add it → you will get a new hash
  3. Your new website can be accessed on the new hash.

If you need a reference that does not change see:

ipfs name publish <your hash> (IPNS)

Or use dnslink (


I modified my test.html file > ipfs add test.html > ipfs pin add test.html

The website does not load under the new hash at

Am I missing something?

Did it work before and is only not working with the new hash or have you never been successful retrieving a file from the gateway?

Yes, the test website loaded perfectly before I re-add and re-pin

I’d double check to make sure your daemon is running.