How to fix error adding new providers , no space left on device

Hi. I’m newbie of IPFS. I’ve got an error and I don’t know how to fix it.

“ERROR providers providers/providers_manager.go:154 error adding new providers:committing batch to datastore at /:write .ipfs/datastore/001001/log: no space left on device”

I think .ipfs/datastore have a not enough space to IPFS add.
So How to remove the IPFS datastore?
Also when I remove the folder in /.ipfs/datastore, the IPFS add does not work!
Can you give a feedback of solving this problem??
I’m really appreciated your help. Thanks!!

I found it.
Use ipfs repo gc

What you are doing is ‘Garbage Cleaning’ manually.
Run the daemon with --enable-gc option to do this automatically.