How long can we safely store IPFS Files

Thanks! So does that mean that data persistence is more feasible running an ipfs cluster than just running a private ipfs network?

Not quite sure how to reply. Running a private IPFS network and an IPFS Cluster aren’t mutually exclusive but your choices do come with some constraints. A private network is just a collection of IPFS nodes that you have restricted to only talk to each other. It’s like an intranet with no gateway.[1] The only people at the party are people you invited. Given that you’re having a private party you can’t ask a random stranger to hold your beer. So whatever redundancy you’re going to have within your private group is going to be whatever you setup. There is, as I mentioned, one pinning service that I’m aware of that that will come to private parties and that’s Temporal.

If it wasn’t a private network you could use any pinning service you’d like. For your private network you’d have to come up with some solution. You could do it manually, “Hey Bob, can you pin this for me?”. You could setup the cluster which would replicate anything that you explicitly put onto the cluster itself. Unfortunately I’m not aware of any open source pinning service implementations.

[1] Reading back over this that might be a little confusing because IPFS has gateways and I suppose you could (I think) have a private IPFS network with a public IPFS gateway but I don’t know I’ve never considered something like that.

Thanks Zachary for your patient response each time. I appreciate it man!

It looks like there is an opensource implementation of a pinning service.

So you can set this up in front of either a single node or a cluster with multiple nodes and then have your users subscribe to the pinning service for redundancy on your private network. I haven’t used it so YMMMV.

Thanks Zachary! But I do not know what ‘YMMMV’ stands for. Sorry, I am not so Internet language savvy lol

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