Experimenting with IPFS in Windows 10 Bash?


Is Windows 10 WSL a decent way to play around with IPFS? It seems very unstable right now. Eventually, after some short period, the daemon quits. Restarting the deamon looks ok, but then I cannot tail the log from another terminal. I get Error: cannot connect to the api. Is the deamon running?




Initially when I start the daemon, I can access the webui and see connected peers. I also ran one of the simple tutorials.
However, after awhile, something goes wrong and I loose connectivity. Peers drop to zero and no network traffic.



Hey Ray!
Is this also happening if you use Orion?


I don’t know what Orion is? I’m a newbie in all of this. I am currently using Amazon Cloudfront to distribute live streaming video. I am experimenting with how to use IPFS for this.