Download speeds and throttling

I have just ventured into exploring decentralised storage technologies and trying to explore IPFS, mainly via the IPFS-Desktop app and cli.

One of the first things I am excited about is IPFS’s ability to act like a CDN and deliver fast (eventually faster) download speeds compared to traditional HTTP resources.

So I started with a simple get of the XKCD archive.

ipfs get QmdmQXB2mzChmMeKY47C43LxUdg1NDJ5MWcKMKxDu7RgQm

Unfortunately I was disappointed with the download speeds I was getting, not more than 100kb/s
I suspected that perhaps my ISP is throttling p2p traffic. So i turned on VPN and tried again. This time it went up to about 500kb/s where as a traditional speed test ( was showing around 11Mbps speeds.

Here’s some information that might be handy

Output from ipfs swarm shows I have connections to 328 peers

> ipfs swarm peers | wc -l 

Here’s some bandwidth information from IPFS

> ipfs stats bw
TotalIn: 83 MB
TotalOut: 3.0 MB
RateIn: 26 kB/s
RateOut: 16 B/s

What am I missing here ?

  1. Are these normal download speeds ? Or is this happening because there are multiple small files in the XKCD archive ? (1864 files)
  2. How are people dealing with ISP throttling when accessing IPFS data ? (Assuming that my observations show Vodafone is throttling p2p traffic)