Download link via http/https

Hi everyone, i have a question, i use IPFS with js-ipfs in my webapp, to add file to infura.

After that i put a link in my webapp using the hash like this:

It work well for let’s say images, pdf or so but if the file is something that cannot be read from the browser, like a psd for example, it open the download window and i seem to download the hash, not the file.

I guess this is not the proper way to download a file? or it is not possible via https link ?

Thank you in advance

You are probably downloading the file which is renamed to the hash because that’s all that is known about it. If you wrap it in a folder (there’s an option for that), you should be able to keep the filename and reference it like <hash>/filename and the download will keep the filename.

Thank you for your reply i will check that.