Decentralized Comment Systems?

Hey, are there any decentralized comment systems that I can use on my IPFS site? Something like that would probably need to be coded as a smart contract on a blockchain.

Edit: something like Disqus.

I haven’t tested it yet, but I found this solution very promising:

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I building something like that, the problem is that to be decentralized it requires that everyone run IPFS nodes, which is a big ask.

Check out my project.

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I’m trying to use your project, but it shows “Cannot connect to IPFS”. Is it working? Note that I did not start pubsub like so “ipfs daemon --enable-pubsub-experiment --enable-namesys-pubsub”. Is this the problem?

First you need to start your IPFS node, set CORS to allow access then restart the node and refresh the page.

edit: Brave browser block the node, possibly all ad blockers do. Use Chrome, Firefox or disable ad block.

I’ve successfully configured IPFS to use your project. But a found your social network pretty useless, I couldn’t find a way to make a single post, create a space or send a chat message (logged through Metamask).

I what to make some observations about your project’s architecture. Configuring my IPFS node to use your application gives you full control over my IPFS node (through IPFS HTTP API). Your application can unpin any file, delete directories on mutable file system, etc. I don’t want your application or any other application to do that, because a have my stuff pinned.

Could you design your project to use only the HTTP gateway? Or all social networks designed to IPFS needs to have full node access? Does IPFS has mechanisms to prevent or protect personal data?

Yes, you can’t post because it’s not really a social media website. It’s just an example of what is possible.

The website will be called social.defluencer.eth you’ll get a “facebook” like experience, that’s the goal at least. I received a grant from the foundation to work on that next year.

You are right that it does give full access, that’s why dynamic website on ipfs can’t work yet. The problem is that I can’t fix that. IPFS and web browser will need to evolve. I hope my project can push things forward on that front.

No you can’t use gateways, not decentralized, no IPLD, no pubsub, no adding data either. You don’t need full access to a user’s node but you’ll need the ability to store data and pin it at least. Otherwise, how do you store user content? Like I said IPFS and web browser must evolve.

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