Can I track if users are seeding/leeching my service's content in particular, and provide rewards or disincentives accordingly?

Hello! I’m new to IPFS and am considering beginning a project with it. From the whitepaper, I see that the BitSwap protocol provides built-in functionality to keep track of the overall seed/leech ratio for each node, and to prioritize content delivery accordingly. However, I would like to be able to give users of my site direct benefits for helping to host my site’s content for other users. Is there some way to more specifically query a node’s download and upload history for particular content? (Or, alternatively, if I’m asking the wrong question - would there be a better way to determine if a node or user account had been serving content from my site to other nodes?)

For instance, suppose I wished to run a semi-distributed forum, where a central server was responsible for maintaining a global index of threads and posts, as well as authenticating user identities, but hosting of the actual posts and uploaded files was ideally done by users to minimize server costs. A traditional forum might provide a way for users to help pay for hosting, and give users benefits for doing so in exchange; instead, I might wish to provide similar benefits to users who were taking on the costs of storing and serving content I would otherwise be shouldering. (Or to ban particularly egregious freeloaders from posting.)