Blocking copyrighted material / adult content on an HTTP gateway

I created a website called to showcase the ability to stream large video files directly from IPFS using js-ipfs.

Now I would like to allow people to index webm files, so I started development on to create an indexing service for webm files on IPFS.

On both my website and my index website, I would like to block illegal/copyrighted and adult content. Some gateways are already doing that, but I was wondering if there was already a service to openly share the blocked cids? Because if not, I think I should probably start building one first :wink:

Cool project! I didn’t know you could stream files like that. I did it with IPLD and pre-chunked videos but your method is way simpler.

As for filtering, that seams very hard to do. Content addressing means changing one bit result in a new CID.

You would need some kind of AI with a CRDT that can be updated by everyone.