Are there already discussions of using IPFS to replace current social media platforms?

I’d like to catch up with the current conversation and see if/how I can contribute.


Indeed there is. There’s Peergos and I just heard of another at the “Kick off the new year with IPFS” meetup but I can’t remember the name. I’m sure there are others I just don’t follow that space too closely.

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Look into Vault74. It’s one dude building a P2P discord built with IPFS

Look at this.

Vault74 looks like it has a Dtube like architecture… except replacing Steem blockchain with Ethereum blockchain.

The platform token, VKEY, may present problems since gas fees are sky high at the moment. Once Ethereum 2.0 goes fully live, platforms combining the Ethereum blockchain and P2P payments will probably take over everything. But at the moment, it’s layer 2 or a different blockchain… or a $17.40 USD price paid with a $8.51 gas fee

Aether is investigating using IPFS:

I’ve said on several other threads (because this question comes up every few days), that extending the current Fediverse to be more IPFS-centric, is the way to go. This means building on ActivityPub, most likely. You probably know about Mastodon/Pleroma? Those are Fediverse. I have my own app too that I’m working on, and you can research me to find it. :slight_smile:

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I’m currently assisting w/ Alpha testing, which is being executed in Goerli test net. The roadmap to MVP is does consider what you mentioned with syncing up to Eth2.0, which I imagine, is a similar roadmap for many DAPPS until further business logic is evolved.

yes i have been screwing around with an idea for a social graph data structure that lives in ipfs and where users manage their own RSA keys for identity in a single page web ui

tech demo: IPFS Social Graph tech demo 1 - YouTube

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