Anonymous IPFS, Filecoin or whatever protocol in fact

Copying a bit what I already sent to Protocol Labs and wrote on github, thanks to move this to the right category if this is not the relevant one, I am restricted to two links apparently so please forgive the format

Please see this discussion: that summarizes the proposal

This works also for piping non nodejs/js modules (for example bitcoin), please see the general documentation here (maybe good to start by reading that one first): (technical one is here: github com Ayms node-Tor tree master docs)

As stated in the above thread it is not a remake of the Tor network and should not be misunderstood with it, this is an implementation of the Tor protocol inside nodes and browsers that can be customized according to the needs/level of security required (peer discovery, number of hops, rdv points or direct p2p, etc) not following necessarilly the centralized Tor network principles

Next to come is elliptic crypto and WebRTC

And then next can be to design and integrate the IPFS anonymous system using node-Tor (proposed name: IPTS…)

And/or whatever protocol, to give an example any protocol implements somewhere in a central place something like:

socket is a network socket
socket.on(‘data’,//process data)
socket.send=//send data

to pipe with node-Tor, just modify by something like:

substitute the network socket by whatever object you like, it remains compatible with the rest of the code
socket._write_b=//process data
socket.send=function(data) {this._stream_f.push(data)} //will send data to the tor protocol

You can chain pipes of course

This is simple (a bit simplified here, usually there is a handshake and/or other things, the pipe method handles events, but you see how it works and the changes are really a few lines of code), what is not is the specific design to use the Tor protocol according to the projects, here IPFS


Follow up, please see a more detailed proposal to possibly integrate node-Tor to ipfs/libp2p here:

Due to the specifics of the libp2p iterable pipe method it is not as straight forward as writen above but would not be very complicate either

Comments/suggestions welcome (I don’t pretend to master libp2p code for now so maybe better ideas can be suggested)

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