[ANN] ipfs-deploy npm package helps deploy static websites to free IPFS pinning services


The basic usage is:

$ cd my-static-website
$ npx @agentofuser/ipfs-deploy
$ # and done =)

This command does this:

  • Finds public/dist/_site/whatever directory based on common names used by static site generators
  • Uploads to Infura.io (no signup required)
  • Opens browser to ipfs.io/ipfs/your-hash

It also has options for:

  • Pinning to Pinata.cloud after siging up (freemium)
  • Updating Cloudflare DNS’ TXT record with the appropriate dnslink for those using https://cloudflare-ipfs.com

I would love to have feedback on what works and what doesn’t and ideas on what could be improved.

I want to make this the easiest way to deploy static websites to IPFS for those who know nothing about it.

Thank you!

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