A consensus computer on top of IPFS that uses IPFS hashes to create cyberlinks

We have built a distributed consensus supercomputer that runs on top of IPFS. It can compute relevance for web3 data via the use of cyberlinks, that are created from IPFS hashes.

It is a distributed machine for answers (a relevance machine), built with the help of Cosmos-SDK/Tendermint/CUDA.

Within the network, web3-agents generate knowledge graphs with the use of what we call cyberlinks. A cyberlink is simply a link between two content-based links. This allows for a naturally semantic link, which is needed for the computation of relevance of subjects and objects within the knowledge graph.

IPFS provides significant benefits with regards to resource consumption. Cyber links and IPFS provide us with the superpowers that were inaccessible to previous architectures of general-purpose search engines.

Our White Paper
Our GitHub


I thinks its worthy to mention the app which gives some taste of better Google

Yes, I will be making a seperate post on this =)

A nice mention of cyber and IPFS on the tedermint twitter:

After a long year of work preparing for euler-5, we have launched it. Here is a playlist of all the video materials, containing IPFS hashes from our tesnet launch.

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Cybers dev-log #2

Our bi-weekly dev-log, including the great web journal, ongoing work on integration of IPFS node into cyberpage app and much more

Our latest dev-log. The IPFS node is finally itegrated into the app and working =)