2021 Roadmap for IPFS: Is this still a thing?

In December 2020, the community was asked to propose priorities for the development of IPFS for 2021 on GitHub.

There were a lot of proposals.
A decision was to be taken by mid-january.
But the Roadmap hasn’t been updated, and blog.ipfs.io hasn’t published an announcement.

Was the priority for 2021 chosen/announced? Is there one?
I think @molly was the lead on this.

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Maybe @stebalien or @lidel have some insight on this?

I have the same remark. IPFS has released a lot of good stuff! Like this: go-ipfs 0.8.0, and Remote Pinning, is here!

However, I do not need any planning or roadmapping taking place anymore? Ps. I also came-up with a proposal.

Thanks for calling this out @Akita. We’ve been so busy doing that we’ve under communicated where we’re headed. There’s a ton of work in progress across the ecosystem on these roadmap proposals to summarize, and also some new areas (like NFTs!) that are exploding and bringing a ton of new opportunities. Will work on prioritizing the 2021 blog post (and update to the roadmap repo) ASAP to communicate that.

TLDR for the meantime is:

Also lots of opportunity for many of the roadmap proposals to be backed by community grants. I know PL has already funded a few, and other ecosystem funds around Filecoin are also looking for proposals. Will summarize the current list with open grants/RFPs across sources in that blog post too!


I’m glad to read that, since most projects tend to do the opposite. :stuck_out_tongue:
Looking forward to the blog post. :slight_smile:

I am very looking forward! @molly If you could need a hand in supporting the roadmap communication and planning process just let me know!

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@molly is there an update available on the roadmap topic? If you could need help in updating the roadmaß, feel free to reach out!